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F-ing amazing food

for amber and other wierdos

f-ing awesome food
29 October
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If you've stumbled upon this journal through my friends list, interest or just boredom I hope you enjoy it. It's really for my own personal recipe note taking. I find a gazillion recipes online for things I'd like to try when I am frantically trying to make dinner. I love spicy and "oriental" or asian food, my roommates like italian, mexican and others. I don't generally feel like going to a lot of work for a recipe unless it's an amazing asian dish. Most of the recipes I will list here will be of the "easy" or "quick" or "americanized" variety. That said, I just wanted a place to put up recipes I wanted to try, determine if they are in fact amazing food, leave comments in case anyone else wants to know how it turned out or how I amberized it while cooking and keep tabs on recipes I like.
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